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Drapery Panels with shades at the Living Room windows

Looking for that one-of-a-kind Window Treatment that your neighbors don’t have? Are you wishing for a unique gorgeous-beyond-words look for your home? Call Lucinda’s Interiors today. Our professionals will come to your house, help you coordinate everything for that Special Treatment in you home or office. We even Measure and Install all of you Custom Window Treatments so that they fit and operate perfectly. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Custom Draperies

Draperies accentuate the positive and can conceal any flaws, just like a great designer jacket. In addition to providing the final flourish to a beautiful room, window treatments can improve the proportions of a space, add essential elements of color, pattern, texture, and shape; and control light, privacy, warmth and sound. Even curtains that seem simple must be well-designed and well-executed to function effectively. Window dressings are central to a room’s character and draperies add to its charm. Custom draperies can be made to be pleated, puddle, tied or even all three at once. Instead of pleats, opt for grommets, button holes or tabs.

Tassel Trim

Lucinda is so accommodating and bends over backwards to please her customers and always has great ideas for my home, wherever I live! And we have been doing window treatments for many years.

Carol – Round Barn Rd.

Valance and Top Treatments

Valances come in all shapes and styles. Valances using decorative rods can be pleated, shirred, smocked, tabbed, tapered and cross the spectrum from casual to formal. Top Treatments, mounted on a board, provide an infinite variety of choices to top off the beauty of your windows. We can create festoons, cascades, swags, pockets or panels to create your own window masterpiece.

Fabric Shades

Fabric Shades are custom tailored for your window to the finest quality standards. To enhance the body of your shade, and for a neutral look to the street side, we can add a light filtering or room darkening liner for optimum light and privacy control. You can choose from Flat Roman Shades, Hobbled Roman Shades, Butterfly Roman Shades, Austrian Shades and more!


Cornices can be contoured and shaped for elegant styling or simply straight for modern clean lines. You can add accent cording or nail-heads for interest.

Lucinda’s is so knowledgeable & helpful in choosing what you want and works with you to your satisfaction. She uses good quality merchandise.

Marilyn Ramey

Cindy always has new innovative and surprising style that is tailored to the customer.


Why Buy Custom Window Treatments?

Written by Ann Moore-Spencer on November 7th, 2010

 It’s All About Quality and Unique Style.
Beware readers!! I am getting on to my proverbial soap box.

Are you a Window Fashionista or a Decorating Diva? Must you have the best and most unique? Are you interested in quality? Must your space reflect your talent or your passion for a well decorated space? Or are your windows wearing imitations of the real thing; substitutes with serious discounted class and polish? Very often we are happy with what we have until we realize that we have an option for better. Many times we are not aware and settle for the less than fantastic.

Window treatments have changed, as everything else in the decorating world. In the 80s and 90s we were inundated with swags, cascades and jabots. And our eye was caught up in style more than quality. Today’s simpler styling draws more attention to the quality of fabric and workmanship. Although you may be able to purchase a ready-made that is similar to a custom drapery, the difference becomes clear if you were to hang them side by side.

Custom window treatments differ in so many ways. If you have your window treatments made and they look and feel exactly like the readymade version, I hope you paid less than the ready-made version. In that case you probably got what you paid for.  As a client I expect, if given the choice, you will choose a fabric that is of better quality than your typical ready-made panel or valance. Also the linings used by your custom window treatment fabricator would be superior to those of ready-mades. You also will have the option of interlining. The attention to detail and quality when they are created by a professional workroom makes all the difference when they are hung at the window. It is the kind of thing when you experience the real deal it is virtually impossible to have an appetite for substitutes or inferior quality. Let us examine the difference between the two.

Decorator fabrics typically will have a higher thread count, superior weave or printing which results in a fabric that drapes better, feels a better quality and appears superior. Window treatments, therefore, would be perceived as better quality and indeed, would be fabricated from fabric of finer quality.

Professional workrooms also, as a standard, fabricate drapery to a fullness of at least 2 ½ to 1. In other words, 2 ½ times more fabric would be used than the rod width. This presents level of quality that ready-mades do not offer. So if your rod is 60” wide you will typically have in excess of 150” of fabric on the rod. In fact, some professional workrooms, in an attempt to pump up the luxe at the window will actually default to a higher fullness. What do you do when you buy ready-made panels? You buy about 4 to 6 panels to bunch up on the drapery rod. When installed your custom window treatment will be the proper length and installed at the proper height – not flooding. The 84” lengths of readymade panels must be installed just above the window and will almost always be too short. With the narrow widths and little fullness – very skimpy and limp looking.

Custom window treatment specialists and professional custom workrooms pay attention to quality. You would be guaranteed generous hems. The treatment will drape and fall better. Bottom hems will be weighted. Patterns will be matched straight across the window and placed strategically for maximum impact. You would be guaranteed quality sewing, up to date and superior fabrication techniques.

Lining quality is an important differentiator of custom drapery. Unless you are looking for a sheer look, and sometimes even then, lining is not usually optional in a professional workroom. If you choose to line, your linings would be of better quality than those of the ready-mades. In fact, most ready-made panels are not lined.

Linings help your drapery and a top treatment form and hang better, look more unified from the exterior, and add substantial life and richness to the window treatment. Ask your window treatment specialist to examine a sample of lined drapery and compare the difference. Linings are also functional; they protect the decorator fabric from the sun and its harmful UV rays. This could eliminate fading and retard fabric rot. Ever had your window treatment fall apart on the window after a year or so? That is as a result of the effects of the sun. Ready-made drapery typically have lining (if they have at all) that is inferior and does not protect your decorator fabric, enhance the appearance or improve the hang of the drapery.

Interlining is practically never found in ready-mades and is an option for those who choose to have custom window treatments made by a professional workroom. Those who choose to interline do so as a climate control measure, to protect delicate and expensive fabrics such as true silk or to improve the luxury level of the window treatment.

Your custom window treatment will be personalized to your window and your space even if you have challenging windows such as bays, arches, 2-story, etc.  You have the opportunity to get style you want, in the colour you want, and in the fabric you want, for any window you have. You are not restricted to the limited offerings of the ready-made options. Imagine having other options beside the predictable and pedestrian rod pocket or tab top panels! A whole new world! Your window treatments can be deliberately integrated into your decor. Your window treatment specialist will work with you to create that cohesive outcome; maximizing the bang for your hard earned dollars. In addition, your window treatment specialist will work with you to ensure that your treatments are installed properly and on hardware that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but suitable for the style and for the unique circumstances of your space. Your custom window treatment specialist would give you superior and unique window fashion, a functionally superior product and quality end to end service. All of these factors are not collectively considered with the ready-made product. Fashions will be well designed for your window. Custom treatments are not mass-produced or cranked out fast and cheap.

Don’t get me wrong. Ready-mades have their place. But is it on those windows in those rooms where you are seeking to make the most decorative impact? Window treatments will make your space appear balanced, finished and polished. Do not ignore this crucial element when you decorate.


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